The Aberglaslyn team was called out to the slopes of Cnicht. Photo: Keith Evans CC-BY-SA-2.0

The Aberglaslyn team was called out to the slopes of Cnicht. Photo: Keith Evans CC-BY-SA-2.0

A mountain rescue called out to a north Wales hillside after reports of flashing lights found another rescue team was carrying out a training exercise.

Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team was alerted about 11pm on Friday night after the lights were spotted in the Gelli Iago area, described by the team as a popular route leading to Bwlch y Battel and Cnicht.

Gethin Edwards of Aberglaslyn MRT said: “The informant suspected the lights to be flashing an SOS distress signal; therefore the team were alerted to investigate.

“The team deployed one Land Rover Ambulance and two team members from their headquarters in Porthmadog to investigate the report.

“A brief search was conducted of the area, and the lights were traced to members of the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team who were conducting some night-navigation exercises in the area.

“No assistance was required therefore the team were stood down following the false alarm with good intent.”

The callout lasted almost two hours.

The Aberglaslyn team was also alerted on Sunday evening after a group of youths went missing in old mines near Craig y Wrysgan, Tanygrisiau.

A passer-by came across a group of three teenagers who said one of their friends was in the workings and they had lost contact with him.

Mr Edwards said: “As the passer-by began to make his way over to assist the 15-16 year olds, they informed him that they had made contact with their friend and all was well.

“The group then continued down the workings towards their friend, but following a period of around 45 minutes did not emerge.

“The passer-by’s attempts to raise the group failed, and he therefore dialled 999 and requested mountain rescue.

“The Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team was alerted at 7.21pm, and the team was mustered to attend at its headquarters in Porthmadog. The North Wales Cave Rescue Organisation was also alerted.

“Luckily, while a co-ordinator was contacting the informant via telephone to gather further details the group were located safe and well at the foot of the mountain, and the team was stood down.”

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