The two injured people were winched from Tryfan

The two injured people were winched from Tryfan

A climber and walker were rescued from the same Snowdonia mountain in two separate incidents today.

Rescuers were called to Tryfan today when a climber suffered injuries in a 50ft fall on the peak’s East Face.

Chris Lloyd said his team, the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation, was alerted mid-morning.

“It was a glorious sunny and mild autumnal day in the Ogwen Valley,” he said.

“A university mountaineering club had a meet in Snowdonia and group of them went to climb the classic route of First Pinnacle Rib on the East Face of Tryfan.

“Unfortunately, one of the climbers took a leader fall of about 15m from the first pitch, arriving back on the Heather Terrace from where he had set off a few minutes before. He suffered facial and head injuries so the 999 call was made for mountain rescue at about 10.30am.

“With the history of the fall, a request was made for the RAF Sea King helicopter. Meanwhile, a passing walker and qualified medical doctor was able to tend to the casualty.”

Mr Lloyd said the aircraft flew to the team’s nearby base and picked up three volunteer members and airlifted them on to the mountain.

They used a highline – a rope from the winchman to a trained person on the ground to prevent the loaded stretcher spinning in the downwash of the rotors as it was winched aboard.

The helicopter flew the injured climber to Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor for further treatment and the Ogwen Valley team members made their way back down to base for a late lunch.

About an hour later, the rescuers were called out again to help a woman who had injured herself while escaping from a scrambling route on Tryfan.

Mr Lloyd said: “Two women in their mid-20s from England were on a day trip to scramble up the North Ridge of Tryfan. At the foot of the North Tower, they decided not to continue the ascent but to escape from the mountain via a gully on the East Face – probably Bastow Gully.

“With care they scrambled and slid down this gully until one of the girls slid faster than planned, falling about 10m incurring shoulder and leg injuries. Her friend was able to reach her and give her first aid treatment as well as make the 999 call for mountain rescue.

“Once more, members of OVMRO were mobilised and three team members who were still at Oggie Base from the first call, made their way up the mountain.”

He said the crew of the RAF Valley Sea King, which was still in the area, offered to help, and the injured woman was winched into the aircraft and flown to hospital in Bangor.

“Her friend was brought down the mountain in the company of the three team members, arriving at Oggie Base at about 5pm for a well earned mug of tea,” Mr Lloyd said.

“While hundreds of people enjoyed the glorious day on the mountains surrounding the Ogwen Valley, it was unfortunate that both these accidents occurred.”

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