Team members made their way up Ingleborugh from Crina Bottom

Team members made their way up Ingleborugh from Crina Bottom

A rescue team appealed to outdoor enthusiasts to check mountain weather forecasts after its members were called out three times in three hours as severe conditions swept its area.

The Cave Rescue Organisation was called out about 10.50am today to aid two walkers stuck with their dog on the top of Ingleborough in high winds and blizzards.

A hasty party from the team made its way up the 724m (2,375ft) fell from Crina Bottom, an isolated farm south-west of the summit. A team spokesperson said: “They were met on the way by two runners who, realising the plight of the walkers, had encouraged them to make their way down from the summit, as they were poorly dressed to wait for help.

“The two walkers were extremely cold, and very wet, and by this time one of the two runners had also started to develop mild hypothermia. All were placed in the team vehicle, warmed and given warm drinks before being taken down the hill.

“The runners were taken to their vehicle at Ribblehead, and thanked for their actions, while the walkers and their dog were taken to our depot in Clapham. The walkers were given advice and dry clothing for their journey home.”

After dropping the runners off at Ribblehead, team members were approached in their vehicle by a cyclist who, they said, was in an obviously distressed condition.

The spokesperson said: “The cyclist had been competing in a time trial, but had become cold and fatigued in the poor weather conditions.

“The cyclist was assisted into the team vehicle and given care by team members, who diagnosed hypothermia. Due to his condition, an ambulance was requested to transport the cyclist to hospital. Whilst being warmed, the cyclist was conveyed down to Ingleton Community Centre for transfer to a road ambulance.”

Less than half an hour later, the CRO was alerted to its third incident. A group of walkers on Middle House Hill above Malham was in difficulties.

One of the group had fainted and was extremely cold. The rescue team sent two vehicles with team members aboard to the scene.

“Upon arrival at the location given, the party of teenagers and an accompanying teacher were quickly located, where they had put up a tent for shelter and got into sleeping bags to stay warm,” the spokesperson said.

“The whole party and their equipment was assisted from the fellside and warmed up in the team vehicles as they were taken back to their own vehicle. The original casualty was assessed by a team doctor, and along with the rest of the party, not found to be in need of further medical assistance.”

The spokesperson added: “Please remember, if you’re going on the hills, you need to check what conditions on the hills are forecast to be, not just a general weather forecast. And always take suitable clothing and equipment.

“Mountain weather forecasts are available online from most weather forecasting services.”

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