The Nepal earthquake has devastated parts of the impoverished country. Photo: Krish Dulal CC-BY-SA-4.0

The Nepal earthquake has devastated parts of the impoverished country. Photo: Krish Dulal CC-BY-SA-4.0

Kathmandu-based outdoor brand Sherpa Adventure Gear has launched a fund to help remote villages devastated by the Nepal earthquake.

The company and its staff survived unscathed by the disaster and is now working to supply shelters and other emergency equipment to help victims of the quake.

It chief executive and founder Tashi Sherpa has set up the Help Sherpas Help Nepal relief fund to raise cash to help those left without shelter, water and food.

A company spokesperson said: “Each day, the death toll rises, along with the need for water, tents, and medicine.

“Sherpa Adventure Gear is rushing to raise money and relieve the suffering. Please know that 100 per cent of your donation will go for immediate relief on the ground through our Paldorje Education Fund network, already set up to benefit the children of Sherpa families in remote villages.

“Through our contacts in each community, we will provide support where it does the most good throughout the long recovery. This is not the kind of adventure anyone seeks, but we are determined to see it through. Thank you for standing with us and giving what you can. Your good thoughts and deeds make a real difference here.”

The company said Tashi Sherpa and his colleagues are acting on the ground from Kathmandu to arrange for immediate supplies of tarps, water purifiers, sanitary supplies and more to be brought in from India by road.

It said it has also appealed to its network of contacts in the greater subcontinent region to supply what they can in the way of urgently needed water, health and sanitation supplies and temporary shelter.

Donations can be made online to the Sherpa Adventure Gear appeal.

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