The powermonkey explorer 2

The powermonkey explorer 2

Father’s Day is a little more than a month away, so how about a couple of gadgets for the outdoors man in your family?

Powertraveller’s powermonkey explorer 2 will charge up essentials such as smartphones, sat navs and iPads while away from mains electricity.

Powertraveller said: “Unbelievably strong, the pocket-sized powermonkey explorer 2 is capable of withstanding the weight of a Land Rover. Shockproof, dustproof and waterproof, the powermonkey explorer 2 can handle anything life throws its way, while keeping your beloved electronics juiced up when they are needed the most.”

The unit costs £79 and has a dual core, 6000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery – capable of recharging an iPhone 5 up to three times, a GoPro Hero3+ four times and a Garmin Edge 1000 four times.

It’s compatible with other 5V devices such as tablets, including iPad, iPods, digital cameras, sat phones and more and is waterproof to IP67, with cable supplied.

Powertraveller said additional charging options will be available at a later date, including a hand crank and wind turbine.

solarmonkey adventurer

solarmonkey adventurer

If he’s more of an eco-warrior, the solarmonkey adventurer, which uses solar energy to power a host of gadgets and devices, will be right up his street. Ticking many ‘green’ boxes, this self-sustaining power system is ideal for long trips off-grid and is equipped with an array of attachments capable of powering all manner of gadgetry including smartphones, sat navs and iPads to name but a few.

The solarmonkey adventurer costs £85 and is water- and shock-resistant, with auto-load, self-sensing, charge optimisation technology.

The unit has a charged/charging LED indicator, short-circuit protection, overload protection and low-voltage protection. It also has thermal insulation battery protection, giving an operating temperature range of –10C to 90C and is compatible with iPads, tablets, iPhones, smartphones, GPS, PDAs, hand-held consoles and more.

More details on both are on the Powertraveller website.

Father’s Day is on Sunday 21 June.