Two men were reported lost on Thirlmere

Two men were reported lost on Thirlmere

Mountain rescuers were asked to deal with two incidents where men had mixed alcohol and water.

The Keswick team received a midnight call to aid a man who had swum to Derwent Isle on Derwent Water under the influence of drink.

The man was stranded on the island near Keswick. A team spokesperson said: “As he was conscious and unhurt, the task was referred to Cumbria Fire and Rescue.”

The following day, shortly before midnight on Friday, police again asked for Keswick MRT’s help to search for two drunken men who were reported to be lost in a boat on Thirlmere.

The spokesperson said: “The team was paged to mobilise their swiftwater crew, but fortunately the police located the missing persons before the team set off.

“As a rescue service we are always happy and ready to assist people in need for whatever reason, and naturally we do this without bias or judgment. Can we ask that your posts are too?”

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