The team's garage is no longer adequate

The team's garage is no longer adequate

Mountain rescuers are asking outdoor enthusiasts to back them in their bid to provide green energy at their new base.

Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team has been shortlisted in the M&S Energy community energy fund competition, and is urging the public to vote for the volunteer organisation.

A team spokesperson said: “We are planning to rebuild our garage at the team base where we store and maintain our rescue vehicles.

“Our present garage is unheated, the roof leaks and the facilities are no longer adequate for storing and maintaining modern rescue vehicles.

“As part of the rebuild we would like to put solar panels on the roof of the garage. This would allow us to heat the garage, and hopefully the main base, in a cost-effective and environmentally efficient way.”

The team provides search and rescue cover for the North York Moors and the towns and villages in the Tees Valley and along the Cleveland and North Yorkshire coast.

Callouts range from people missing on the fells and in and around the local villages and towns to people injured walking, climbing, biking and horse riding. The team also helps the other emergency services with tricky evacuations and incidents and has a swiftwater rescue team which can respond to water and flood rescue incidents in the local area and across the North Yorkshire and north-east regions.

The spokesperson said: “As a charity we are completely reliant on donations received from local people and on funds received from local companies and grant awarding organisations.

“If we can reduce our electricity costs by putting solar panels on our garage roof then more of the funds raised can be directed to our primary aim which is to rescue and help people in need.

“Having solar panels will reduce the cost of heating the garage and the main base, which will help the team maintain vehicles and equipment. Our present garage is unheated which creates problems with the maintenance of the vehicles and equipment, especially during the winter months.

“A number of local groups, Great Ayton Community First Responders, a couple of first aid training providers, a mountain bike training provider and a local college use the team base. Having an energy efficient, warm base will clearly be of benefit to these groups and other local community groups who may wish to use the base in the future.”

Members of the public can vote for the team’s bid on the M&S Energy website.

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