The pair got into difficulties on Tryfan. Photo: Terry Hughes CC-BY-SA-2.0

The pair got into difficulties on Tryfan. Photo: Terry Hughes CC-BY-SA-2.0

A boy had to be rescued after getting stuck on steep ground on a Snowdonia mountain.

The 11-year-old and his father, from Cardiff, got into difficulties after they took a wrong route on Tryfan on Friday.

The pair, described by rescuers as well equipped, set off to climb the North Ridge of Tryfan following a guidebook description.

Chris Lloyd of the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation, which was called out to help the walkers, said: “Unfortunately, early on in their ascent, they misread the description and found themselves climbing a steep gully to the West of Milestone Buttress.

“Soon the boy became unhappy with the ground and his father decided to telephone for assistance.

“However, in that location, the phone signal was poor, so he scrambled higher and higher to get a signal. Meanwhile, a passing couple could see the boy in distress and made their way to assist him.”

Mr Lloyd said the father was unable to descend to his son for fear of dislodging stones on to him, so waited for help.

“With the first report of a lone 11-year-old boy stuck in a gully somewhere on the West Face of Tryfan, the assistance of Bristow’s S-92 helicopter was requested and granted.

“Half a dozen team members left their workplaces to go to Oggie Base. Rescue 936 was soon hovering over the West Face. However, the warm still air made the hovering difficult and there was a high risk of the downdraught dislodging the very loose ground.”

It was then decided to airlift four of the rescue team higher up the mountain and winch them down to a safer position. The four Ogwen Valley MRO members then made their way to a place above the father, with a team member acting as spotter on the A5 below to guide them.

Mr Lloyd said ropes were set up and a team member abseiled down the gully. The father, son and couple were then lowered to safety. The father and son then went to the team’s base to view the route that they should have taken while they enjoyed a cup of tea.

It was, he said, an unfortunate incident but, with a happy ending.

Mr Lloyd added: “We are grateful to the couple who immediately interrupted their day to assist the boy in distress, in true mountaineering spirit.”

The rescue lasted almost four hours.

  • The Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation has a new website designed by team member Tim Radford.

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