Kenton Cool on the summit of Everest

Kenton Cool on the summit of Everest

An outdoors festival that previously took place over a weekend will now be extended to run monthly.

Record-breaking Everest summiteer Kenton Cool is the first star name in a series of ‘mini-festivals’ at the Buxton Adventure Festival.

The mountaineer who, with 11 successful attempts, has climbed the world’s highest mountain more times than any Briton, will share his latest expedition attempting a new line to the summit of Indian giant Nanda Devi East.

The first in the new Buxton series will take place on Saturday 7 November, where Cool will be joined by Heather Geluk, a Canadian climber and adventurer whose mountaineering achievements include many of the Himalayan giants. The evening is supported by Sherpa Adventure Gear.

Adventurer Alastair Humphreys, whose achievements include cycling around the world, walking across India and rowing the Atlantic, will appear at the January event, with further names in 2016 including Catherine Destivelle, Andy Kirkpatrick and Finlay Wild.

The events will take place at Buxton Opera House. More details are on the festival website.

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