The team want to return Carl to his home

The team wants to return Carl to his home

A rescue team has launched a mission to return a Cumbrian visitor to his home after the devastating floods of Storm Desmond.

Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team in West Yorkshire is appealing for help with Carl, a mascot the rescuers adopted after finding him in a flooded Carlisle street.

A Calder Valley SRT spokesperson said: “As some of you may remember, Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team was recently deployed to Cumbria to assist emergency services during the terrible flooding that hit the region at the beginning of December.

“While evacuating local residents from the streets of Carlisle, our swiftwater rescue team spotted a very special character floating by. He was saved and affectionately named Carl before becoming the mascot for the rescue boat. He remained with the boat and returned to the CVSRT base at the end of our deployment.

“Now the floodwaters have receded, Carl wants to return home.

“He was found floating along Petterell Street in Carlisle. Please share and help us to find his rightful owners. Let’s get Carl the Snail home to Cumbria for Christmas.”

Anyone who knows Carl’s owners can contact the team via its Facebook page or by using the Calder Valley SRT website.

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