One of the dogs after the rescue. Photo: Central Beacons MRT

Bow is cared for after the rescue. Photo: Central Beacons MRT

Rescuers were called out to south Wales’s highest mountain after reports that two dogs had fallen down a steep face.

Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team was called out about 12.30pm on Easter Sunday after being alerted by Dyfed Powys Police.

The team was joined by colleagues from Brecon Mountain Rescue Team, Western Beacons Mountain Search and Rescue Team and Longtown Mountain Rescue Team to the incident on Pen y Fan.

Huw Jones, deputy team leader of the Central Beacons team, said the dogs had gone over the north-east face of the mountain: “The dogs had chased after a piece of litter and then fallen a considerable distance. The owner then followed to try and help his dogs.

“We located the man and one of the dogs, Bow, on the central face of Pen y Fan. The man was relatively well, but Bow seemed to be in quite a bad way.”

The St Athan Coastguard helicopter was called out but the weather deteriorated, with very high winds and snow showers preventing the aircraft winching the dog and man from the face.

The man was helped to the valley bottom on foot and the helicopter then flew him to the team’s control point.

Mr Jones said: “Our hill members then had to carefully carry the injured dog in a baby rescue basket, down to the valley floor to be flown around to meet up with her owner.

“This left the task of locating and recovering the second dog, Roo. After a lot of hard work, the hill teams located Roo. She was very cold but miraculously unhurt. She was walked off to be re-united with her owner.

“While we always prioritise human life, it’s impossible to not feel moved when someone’s much loved pet is so hurt. Fingers crossed that Bow will make a full recovery.”

Mr Jones said the operation was a great piece of joint work between the four mountain rescue teams of south Wales and the Coastguard crew of Rescue 187.

He added: “We all got back to our families for our warmed-up Easter dinners at around 7.30pm – seven hours of professional voluntary work.”

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