The Coastguard Sikorsky S-92 at the scene on Kinder Scout. Photo: Edale MRT

The Coastguard Sikorsky S-92 at the scene on Kinder Scout. Photo: Edale MRT

Three young walkers were airlifted from the Peak District’s highest hill after getting into difficulties.

The operation to bring the injured teenagers to safety from Kinder Scout involved two mountain rescue teams and a Coastguard helicopter.

Edale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted on Wednesday to reports of three 15-year-olds with injuries in the upper stretches of Grindsbrook Clough.

A team spokesperson said: “With two reported as having possible leg injuries, we were preparing to carry three stretchers off the hill.

“Team members and our colleagues from Buxton Mountain Rescue Team were called.

“Faced with three long stretcher carries and a lack of information regarding the severity of any of the injuries, we also requested the assistance of a search and rescue helicopter.

“The group, from Grimsby, was out from Edale YHA on a guided walk on Kinder Scout. As the group was progressing in Grindsbrook, one female aggravated an old knee injury. Despite attempting to continue she was unable to safely make her way back to Edale village.

“Shortly after, two more group members who both had pre-existing medical conditions exacerbated existing problems, which meant they were unable to complete the walk safely.

“Despite best efforts of the instructors present, it was decided that mountain rescue assistance should be summoned. Our team leader, who is also a paramedic, was first to arrive just before the arrival of Rescue 912 from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency arrived at scene.”

Rescuers stretchered the injured walkers up a steep slope to the helicopter. Photo: Edale MRT

Rescuers stretchered the injured walkers up a steep slope to the helicopter. Photo: Edale MRT

After an assessment of the walkers, it was agreed the Humberside-based helicopter would lift four of the group back down to Edale village for assessment by East Midlands Ambulance Service paramedics. Team members carried three of the casualties on stretchers in a relay up the steep banking to where the helicopter had managed to land.

The Edale MRT spokesperson said: “Once the helicopter had departed, members from both teams made their way back of the hill with the remaining equipment.

“This incident was a true multiagency response with two mountain rescue teams, Derbyshire Constabulary, East Midlands Ambulance Service and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency all involved.

“This incident reflects the whole month so far. We are used to working with statutory emergency service including the local air ambulances regularly along with our colleagues from Buxton MRT. However this month has seen us work with both Derby MRT and Woodhead MRT along with other teams from Lowland Search and Rescue Association also.

“Despite all being independent, when required the teams pull together to provide a search and rescue service to the public.”

The rescue was the Edale team’s 72nd of the year. Its volunteers have responded to13 incidents so far in July. These have included four searches; two assisting Derbyshire Police and two South Yorkshire Police.

The spokesperson said: “We have also responded to five walking incidents, two mountain biking accidents, one paragliding accident and a remote swimming incident, totalling 16 people helped.

“Despite this apparent busy period for the team, comparing figures to 2015, by this point we had responded to 82 incidents.

Following comparison from previous years, unusually the team has not been called to any climbing incidents throughout June or July. These incidents would normally make up a significant proportion of the teams workload.

“However, with some of the wettest weather on record over recent months, this doesn’t lend itself to outdoor climbing on the local Peak District crags.

“Despite this slightly lower number of incidents, team members remain busy with ongoing training, fundraising and the general day-to-day administration tasks that keep the voluntary team functioning as normal.”

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