Some of the PHD Sleep Systems combinations

Some of the PHD Sleep Systems combinations

A British brand noted for its high-end insulated products has introduced a system it says will enable outdoors enthusiasts to enjoy warmth without weight.

PHD launched its Sleep Systems range which allows users to combine down gear with a modular sleeping bag range to suit the expected temperatures in the area they plan to visit.

PHD said: “It’s a 21st century approach to an old idea. Climbers, campers, and explorers can halve the weight of their sleeping gear by using the system.

“Ultralight fanatics are already smart enough to plan their sleeping gear and save every gram. Everyone else automatically takes a big sleeping bag to cope with the lowest temperature they expect. Simple, but not smart.

“Now PHD are making it simple for everyone to be smart and carry a lighter pack.

“Sleep Systems offers versatility as well as lightness. A full system can keep you warm anywhere on earth. But when you don’t need it all, you can just take the parts you want. That’s impossible with a big sleeping bag.

“PHD Sleep Systems lays it all out, a clear universal framework that works for any night outdoors anywhere, spanning the whole range from valley camping to top camp on an 8,000m peak.”

The Sleep Systems components include sleeping bags, jackets, trousers, down socks and half-bags.

The company said: “Naturally the main bag will be at the heart of your Sleep System. The six PHD bags we recommend all score ‘best in the world’ in warmth for weight, the perfect base to build your system on.

“All are fully customisable, including for width, an essential option for some systems. The basic ratings for these bags vary from +8C for the Ultra to -21C for the Hispar 600.

“They are all from the lightweight half of PHD’s sleeping bag range, but use them in combination with the other elements of Sleep Systems and they will keep you warm anywhere on earth.”

More details are on the PHD website.