The Primus PrimeTech Stove set

The Primus PrimeTech Stove set

Swedish brand Primus, a byword for stove technology, is introducing two new models to its range for 2017.

The PrimeTech Stove Set is aimed at trekkers looking for top performance, while the Essential Stove Set is an affordable cooking starter kit.

Primus said: “We believe food is a big part of any adventure and a bowl of soup or a cup of hot chocolate can do wonders for the overall experience.”

The PrimeTech set, which comes in two sizes, can cut fuel consumption by up to a half, depending on wind and weather conditions, thanks to its integrated heat exchanger and effective windshield.

The Essential Stove set

The Essential Stove set

A regulated valve provides consistent power output and improves performance when the gas canister is low on fuel or operating in cold conditions. The new burner and windscreen design noticeably reduces the total height compared to previous stove sets, making it compact and stable.

For added safety, the patented burner also features a design that prevents accidental flare-ups in the event of the canister falling over.

Two versions will be available: the 1.3 litre, selling at £115, and the 2.3 litre at £130. For this, you get a windscreen with integrated burner; two pots, one ceramic coated and one in uncoated aluminium; a lid with integrated colander and a smart, lockable pot gripper.

Primus’s Swedish engineers have designed a practical, insulated storage bag too. Place your heated meals in the bag to keep them warm or use to continue to simmer food, such as rice, to conserve energy.

The Essential Stove Set is the brand’s solution for anyone looking for an affordable, easy-to-use starter set.

With the burner integrated in the windscreen, setting up the Essential Stove Set is very easy. Simply remove the windscreen from the pot, connect the gas canister and light it up. As with the PrimeTech Stove, the patented burner features a design that prevents accidental flare-ups if the canister falls over. The windscreen makes a compact and stable base and protects the flame from the wind.

The 0.6l Tritan Trailbottle

The 0.6l Tritan Trailbottle

The starter stove set also comes in a 1.3l version, suitable for one to three people or in a larger, 2.3l version suitable for two to five people. The set consists of windscreen with integrated burner, two aluminium pots that pack away efficiently without rattling during transport, a non-stick frying pan that doubles as a lid and a patented pot gripper.

Prices will be £80 and £90 respectively.

The brand is also introducing a new range of trailbottles to keep outdoor enthusiasts hydrated.

The range has four styles with four different purposes. All models are leak proof, BPA free and don’t impart or retain flavours. Lightweight, black or coloured, they’re available in a range of sizes from 0.25l to 1l, depending on the model.

The bottles’ wide-mouth opening makes cleaning and filling easy and all have added details such as the cap strap which ensures the drinking cap doesn’t get lost and also allows you to attach the bottle to your backpack.

The transparent Tritan models are the lightweight option, but if weight isn’t an issue, the durable stainless steel styles are a good choice and are available in single- or double-wall vacuum insulated versions.

The 0.5l Vaccuum Trailbottle

The 0.5l Vaccuum Trailbottle

Primus said: “Pack-friendly, the Trailflask has a slim profile and will fit into the tiniest of spaces.

“All three stainless steel versions feature a powder coated outside, which offers good grip even when wet. The Trailbottles are an environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative to using disposable bottles, perfect accessories for all sorts of activities whether you’re outdoors, using for fitness, in the office, around town or travelling.”

Prices for the range will be: Trailbottle 0.6l, £10.50; 1l £12; stainless steel 0.6l £18; stainless steel 1l £20; stainless steel vacuum 0.5l £26; stainless steel vacuum 0.8l £28.

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