Team members with the injured cyclist at Lumb Bank. Photo: Calder Valley SRT

Team members with the injured cyclist at Lumb Bank. Photo: Calder Valley SRT

An injured mountain biker was rescued after suffering a suspected broken leg in remote woods in the South Pennines.

The callout for Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team was its fourth in seven days.

The team was alerted on Wednesday about 7.30pm after the rider fell off his machine at Lumb Bank, Heptonstall, near Hebden Bridge.

A team spokesperson said: “Thanks to his riding companions, the casualty was quickly located and assessed on-scene by a team doctor.

“A box splint was used to protect his lower leg and then he was carried by stretcher for approximately 500m from the woods to Calder Mobile 3, where he was able to sit up and was driven to the main road and handed over to the ambulance crew.”

The hour-long rescue involved 24 volunteers from the Calder Valley team.

The team also helped neighbouring volunteers from Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team in the search near West Bretton for a man who was reported missing by his family on Monday evening.

The Calder Valley SRT spokesperson said: “Mr Bidski was last seen in the Chickenley area. However his car was located on the Denby Dale Road, near the Bretton roundabout. Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team was contacted by West Yorkshire Police and began the search at 2.10am on Tuesday in the Bretton Common area.

“The search continued throughout the day with assistance in the morning by Sarda search dogs. Later in the afternoon members from CVSRT, Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team, Yorkshire Lowland Search and Rescue Team and Lincolnshire Search and Rescue Team joined the search. By 6.45pm, all teams were stood down for the night while police enquiries continued.”

The search involved 21 CVSRT members and search dogs Pepper and Jack and their handlers.

On Sunday, team members were called out at the request of ambulance staff when a 31-year-old woman slipped on the bank of a stream near Queensbury and fell heavily on her hip.

The first CVSRT members arrived just as the Yorkshire Air Ambulance landed, and together made their way to the scene. Paramedics from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and Hazardous Area Response Team were already tending to the woman’s immediate need for pain relief.

The scene of the incident at Lumb Bank. Photo: Calder Valley SRT

The scene of the incident at Lumb Bank. Photo: Calder Valley SRT

Once comfortable, CVSRT members placed the injured woman in a vacuum mattress and stretchered her to the helicopter to be airlifted to hospital.

The incident involved 21 Calder Valley team members.

The previous Thursday, members of the Mytholmroyd-based team were in action to help when a walker collapsed on Black Moor near Cullingworth.

The team spokesperson said: “While driving along Trough Lane near Denholme, one of our vehicles was flagged down by a passer-by who had been helping the casualty.

“A fell party was immediately deployed to the casualty’s location and once on-scene, a team doctor helped to stabilise him.

“Calder Mobile 2 and 3 were able to drive across the moorland and quickly extract the casualty to the ambulance waiting nearby.”

The two-hour rescue again involved 21 volunteers from Calder Valley SRT.

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