Rescue team members at the site at Hardcastle Crags. Photo: CVSRT

Rescue team members at the site at Hardcastle Crags. Photo: CVSRT

A walker was rescued after suffering a suspected broken leg in a fall in South Pennines woodland.

Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team was called out about 9.10am on Wednesday after the incident at New Bridge Hall at Hardcastle Crags.

Ambulance crew and a first responder requested the team’s help when the woman fell at the site near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire.

A team spokesperson said: “CVSRT members were quickly on-scene and while a team paramedic assessed the extent of the casualty’s injuries and provided pain relief, the remaining members provided protection from the cold and prepared the stretcher for evacuation.

“Once the casualty was comfortable, the injured leg was splinted and the lady was placed into a winter casualty bag and stretchered for a short distance to the ambulance for onward journey to hospital.”

The rescue involved 14 volunteers from the Calder Valley team.

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