Rescuers tend to the injured mountain biker. Photo: Calder Valley SRT

Rescuers tend to the injured mountain biker. Photo: Calder Valley SRT

Rescuers were called out to two incidents in less than three hours in West Yorkshire.

Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team was alerted about 9.20pm on Monday when a mountain biker came off his bike at Shipley Glen near Baildon.

The rider injured his pelvis in the fall.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service requested the help of the team. A Calder Valley SRT spokesperson said: “Due to the remote location and lack of vehicle access, the team was immediately deployed to assist.

Within eight minutes the first CVSRT members began to arrive at the location and assessed the casualty’s condition. An equipment kit list was quickly relayed to our responding vehicles and once on-scene, team members headed directly to the casualty site and prepared for a rapid evacuation.

“The casualty was promptly made comfortable and packaged in the vacuum mattress, then stretchered from the rough ground location to the road where he was handed over to the ambulance crew.”

It wasn’t the end of the volunteers’ mission. The spokesperson said: “While the team was preparing to depart the location, it became apparent that a vehicle driven by one of the casualty’s relatives had a flat battery.

“Always happy to oblige, team members then provided a jump-start to the driver’s car so he could get home safely.”

The rescue involved 22 Calder Valley SRT volunteers and lasted two hours.

As the team was returning to its base, members received a request from police to help with a search for a missing vulnerable man at Baitings Reservoir near Ripponden.

The team spokesperson said: “Once on-scene, CVSRT was tasked with searching and clearing areas of interest.

“Unfortunately the missing male wasn’t located during the search and at 2.30am the team stood down, returned the vehicles to their bases and then continued onward to their homes.”

The search by police continued the following day, with a police helicopter joining the operation.

The night search by Calder Valley team members involved 24 volunteers for 3¾ hours.

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