The two climbers were on a route on Tryfan

The two climbers were on a route on Tryfan

Mountain rescuers in Snowdonia have praised ‘two wise men’ who volunteered to sit out the night on a mountain rather than call out team members.

The two climbers phoned for advice after getting into difficulties on a route on Tryfan.

The pair, from the North-West and in their late 30s, set off to climb the First Pinnacle Rib on the East Face on Saturday.

Chris Lloyd of Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation said the pair were well equipped and agreed to shelter on the mountain after being delayed on their climb.

He said: “They had not done much traditional climbing so this Very Difficult-rated route seemed a good choice.

“Unfortunately, the greasy rock delayed progress so by dusk they were only part way up the route, just below Yellow Slab. They telephoned for advice and not help.

“As the two were safe, well equipped including a shelter and spare batteries for their torches, they agreed to bivvy for the night and extract themselves in the morning. They were told to contact the team leader should anything change.

“The two were concerned that their lights might be seen from the A5 road and someone report this. After a cool damp night and a couple of welfare telephone calls from the team leader, they completed their climb to the summit and descended the classic scramble of the North Ridge.”

Mr Lloyd said two climbers kept in touch with the team leader and when they arrived back on the road shortly after midday, they were collected and brought to the team’s base for a warm-up and tea and toast.

“The team leader had expected to collect a dishevelled couple of guys but found the two in good order as if they were just setting out for the day,” he said. “In summary, they were well equipped and organised.

“They correctly telephoned the mountain rescue team for advice and thankfully volunteered to overnight on the rock face. They kept in touch with the team leader.” He added they were ‘two wise men’.

The Ogwen Valley team had a series of callouts at the end of 2016 and into the New Year.

Members were called out to rescue two young rock climbers who had scrambled higher than the walk-off above the Idwal Slabs. Mr Lloyd said: “They made several attempts to retreat but realised that they were in a precarious position in darkness.

“Team members were able to climb up to them and lower them to safety – a wise call.”

The team was called out at 5am on New Year’s Day to help Llanberis MRT with an injured walker on the Pyg Track. The walker was one of a couple who had seen 2017 in from the summit.

“Problems developed on the descent,” Mr Lloyd said. “Fortunately, the MCA’s helicopter, operated by Bristow, was able to extract the casualty before Ogwen and Aberglaslyn members were deployed.”

Later on New Year’s Day, two young walkers were descending from Carnedd Llewelyn towards Ffynnon Llugwy and the asphalt road to the Ogwen Valley. Mr Lloyd said: “However, the ‘difficult step’ between the top of Craig yr Ysfa and Bwlch Eryl Farchog was heavily iced with water ice.

“They were not confident to descend this 6m-high scramble so made the correct decision to call for assistance. In deteriorating conditions and falling temperatures, Ogwen team members climbed up to the couple and were able to lower them to the safety of the footpath below.

“The two were escorted to the team Land Rover which was parked up at the lake of Ffynnon Llugwy and brought to Oggi Base for a warm up, hot tea and pizza.” He described the walkers decision another wise call.

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