Rescuers stretchered the injured man from the fell. Photo: Keswick MRT

Rescuers stretchered the injured man from the fell. Photo: Keswick MRT

An injured man was stretchered from a Lake District mountain in a rescue lasting more than five hours and involving more than 30 volunteers.

A Coastguard helicopter was unable to reach the 19-year-old, who dislocated his shoulder in a fall near the summit of Glaramara.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was called out about 1.40pm on Tuesday to aid the man.

A Keswick MRT spokesperson said: “The team set off to Mountain View with two vehicles full of personnel, and checked on the availability of the air support, given that it would be some time before the team could be on scene, and the casualty was in considerable pain.

“The air ambulance was not able to assist, but the Coastguard S-92 helicopter was despatched from Caernarfon. The team accepted that the weather might prevent the helicopter getting in, as the cloudbase was near to 500m, whereas the casualty site was nearer to 750m.

“So as a backup, Cockermouth MRT were asked if they could supply some extra manpower, in the event that he had to be stretchered down.

“The casualty was then packaged and stretchered down to a lower point, but despite their best efforts, Rescue 963 [the Coastguard aircrew] were unable to get into the site, and had to leave.

“The two rescue teams then worked together to stretcher the casualty down to Mountain View, where an ambulance collected him, and he was taken to the Cumberland Infirmary for treatment.”

The rescue involved 18 volunteers from Keswick MRT and 14 from the Cockermouth team, and lasted 5½ hours.

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