The golden retriever with her rescuer. Photo: Buxton MRT

The golden retriever with her rescuer. Photo: Buxton MRT

A rescue team member had to bribe a casualty to help bring her to safety after she fell down a disused mine shaft.

The four-month-old golden retriever became trapped in the collapsed shaft when she fell through snow at Eldon Hill Quarry near Castleton in the Peak District.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called out about 1.40pm on Thursday when the puppy strayed from a path at the site, ending up 20ft down the mine. A member of Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation joined them to retrieve the dog from her underground adventure.

A Buxton MRT spokesperson said: “Team members set up a rope system to lower our cave rescue volunteer down the mine shaft.

“The puppy was bribed with dog treats to get in to a rope bag. She was then hauled to the surface and bag into daylight.

“After much fussing by team members the puppy was rewarded with yet more treats, a towel dry and plenty of fuss, she walked away seemingly unharmed for a check-up.

No treats for rescuer Kieran. Photo: Buxton MRT

No treats for rescuer Kieran. Photo: Buxton MRT

“The team then remembered that the team member we sent underground probably wanted hauling out of the mine also.”

Buxton team members also helped deliver a lamb while checking on the wellbeing of the occupant of an isolated farm during snowstorms on Sunday. The team has also been called to aid a couple of humans this week among the animal rescues.

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