The appeal aims to raise £5,000 for Dolly's treatment 'because she's worth it'. Photo: Kinder MRT

The appeal aims to raise £5,000 for Dolly's treatment 'because she's worth it'. Photo: Kinder MRT

Rescuers have launched an appeal to raise cash to help keep one of its search dogs in action.

Dolly has been diagnosed as needing expensive veterinary treatment after helping the Kinder Mountain Rescue Team on about 150 callouts.

The Peak District team said Dolly has been struggling with her fitness recently.

A team spokesperson said: “After a visit to the vet, her handler Nick has been told she needs to have two operations on her rear legs to repair wear and tear damage to the cruciate ligaments.

“Once done, this will allow her to come back on the callout list and carry on helping to save lives alongside Nick and the rest of the team.

“As a graded [Search and Rescue Dogs Association] dog, she has insurance to cover some of the cost of the vet’s bills but this one is huge. The two operations will cost £8,000, but the insurance policy will only cover about a third of this, leaving Nick with a bill for £5,000.

“However, he thinks she is worth it. Dolly is a huge part of his life, a much loved family pet and a wonderfully clever search dog who saves us hours of searching in the dark and wet with her talented nose.

“She is having her first operation next week, then the second in several weeks’ time. We will keep you updated with her progress as she regains her health and fitness.”

Anyone wishing to help with the cost of the dog’s treatment can donate via the team’s JustGiving fundraising page, and the team will pass on the donation to Dolly’s handler.

“Just leave a message with Dolly in it so we know,” the spokesperson said. “Good luck Dolly and all the best from your friends at Kinder MRT.”

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