Dave Stevens in training for his record attempt

Dave Stevens in training for his record attempt

An ultrarunner is about to set out on a quest to break a record that has stood for almost 29 years.

Dave Stevens will attempt to run the full length of the Pennine Way in 58 hours.

The current fastest time for running the 431km (268 miles) was set by Mike Hartley in July 1989.

Stevens plans to set out from Edale in the Peak District on Friday morning, hoping to beat Hartley’s time of 65hrs 20mins 15secs. If his run goes to schedule, he hopes to arrive at Kirk Yetholm in the Scottish Borders about 4pm on Sunday.

Stevens, a former Parachute Regiment member, has been in training for months and has also summited Mount Toubkal, north Africa’s highest peak, as a guide with his outdoor fitness company.

The Sutton Coldfield runner has also undertaken several recces of the route. He will be accompanied by pace runners Howard Dracup, Mark McGoldrick and Steven Hanson during the challenge.

He plans to start running at 4am on Friday, with a target of reaching Hawes in the early hours of Saturday; Dufton by the evening of the same day, and Bellingham early on Sunday. His plans include hitting the Border Ridge by midday on Sunday, with a finish four hours later.

His progress can be seen via the Open Tracking website.

Pavel Paloncý failed in his record attempt. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

Pavel Paloncý failed in his record attempt. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

Czech ultrarunner Pavel Paloncý abandoned his attempt on the Pennine Way record in 2017 when he fell behind the schedule needed to beat Hartley’s time.

The three-times Montane Spine Race winner pulled out of his challenge at the Hadrian’s Wall section of the Pennine Way.

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