MônSAR is now operational, three years after its formation. Photo: North Wales Police

MônSAR is now operational, three years after its formation. Photo: North Wales Police

Wales has a new rescue team, which has now become operational on the Isle of Anglesey.

MônSAR was formed three years ago and has been training since then.

The team is now on call for searches and rescues in the area, and will work closely with the six mountain rescue teams in the area. The new Anglesey Search and Rescue team is the first lowland SAR team in north Wales.

North Wales Police said since the group was founded in May 2015 it has been recruiting, fundraising and training and is now fully operational to help with incidents.

“The team of almost 30 volunteers can also be called to assist the emergency services across the region and beyond.” A police spokesperson said. “They meet once a week for training at RAF Valley.”

Huw Thomas, chair of the MônSAR Working Group said: “All members of the team have received specialist training that includes search techniques, search management and planning, first aid, communication and radio skills, fitness, and navigation training.

“We have been working hard to recruit and train new members with assistance from other search and rescue teams from across England and Wales. We rely entirely on donations, and MônSAR continue to recruit team members and are also looking for a permanent base to keep our operational equipment and vehicle”

Formally congratulating the team on its success at this year’s Anglesey Show, Temporary Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard, who is the national policing lead for search and rescue said: “The team have been working hard for several months to reach operational status, and it is pleasing to see that they have been successful at this important stage.

“As the only lowland rescue team in north Wales, MônSAR will work closely with North Wales Police, the existing six mountain rescue teams, the Search and Rescue Dog Association (Wales) and other agencies to search for and locate the most vulnerable people within our communities.

“I am grateful for their work to reach such a significant milestone.”

North Wales Police provided the team with a decommissioned police vehicle as its incident control vehicle, kept at Llangefni Police Station, as well as providing radio and communication equipment and undertaking joint training with Anglesey-based officers.

MônSAR is recruiting and welcomes applications from those interested in joining the team, and for any support from the local community in terms of sponsorship, or storage to keep and maintain their specialist rescue equipment and vehicle.

Further details can be found on the team’s website.

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