The team of ploggers who took part in the event. Photo: Friends of the Lake District

The team of ploggers who took part in the event. Photo: Friends of the Lake District

A group of ploggers discovered a sleeping bag, glasses case, jacket and baseball cap during their stroll during a Lake District event.

Plogging, an activity that originated in Sweden, involves jogging or walking and picking up litter on the way.

The group was among volunteers who took part in the Friends of the Lake District Thirlmere fell care day.

Volunteers, staff and leaders also managed to demolish 160 pieces of cake during the weekend clean-up around the lake. The anticipated gales and torrential rain failed to materialise and 83 people were able to carry out a range of tasks in sunshine and a gentle breeze.

Ruth Kirk, landscape engagement officer for Friends of the Lake District, said: “We want to thank everyone who came along to conserve, protect, learn and be inspired.

“Thirlmere has taken a bit of a bruising this year from the threat of major commercial development to serious storm damage which has affected the western shore and is still preventing access.

“We are so grateful to the people who came along to show just how much they care about this special place.”

The plogging contingent collected five bags of rubbish from the eastern shore of the lake. Elsewhere, groups of volunteers rebuilt 6m of drystone wall at Thirlspot; produced 10 pieces of Thirlmere-inspired art; carried out maintenance on 14km of upland paths between Swirls and Wythburn and Helvellyn and cleared areas of spruce around Low Bridge End Farm.

Twelve people received introductory training in woodland management at Great How Wood. During the event, the Friends reported spotting two red squirrels during a survey of a kilometre-long stretch of path.

The next fell care day will take place in the Duddon valley on Thursday 8 November with a variety of conservation activities. More information is available on the Friends of the Lake District site or by contacting Ruth Kirk by email.

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