The airbags in question have a neon orange handle

The airbags in question have a neon orange handle

Swiss outdoors brand Mammut is asking anyone who has one of its avalanche airbags to check it is assembled correctly.

The advice applies only to its Generation 3.0 airbags, which are identified by their neon orange deployment handles.

Earlier models with red handles are not affected by the inspection notice. Mammut RAS and PAS systems and Snowpulse Highmark brand products with the Mammut Airbag System 3.0 should be checked

The avalanche airbags in question were manufactured during the winter 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons. A potential assembly fault could lead to reduced functioning in the event the user is buried in an avalanche.

Mammut said owners of the airbags should check the balloon within them is attached correctly to the inflation system.

It said: “It is easy to identify whether the airbag is attached correctly. If the airbag balloon is not properly attached to the airbag inflation system, in some cases the airbag may lose volume too quickly after deployment. As a result, the airbag’s functionality may be impaired in the event of burial by an avalanche.

“If you identify that the airbag balloon is attached incorrectly, the affected airbag system should no longer be used and must be returned immediately to Mammut customer service to be replaced. In the event of any queries, Mammut customer service will be happy to help.

“Thank you for reacting to this call for inspection – safety first! We apologise for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding.”

Mammut said the Generation 3.0 airbags may also be found in other licensed brands’ models, including Evoc, Dakine, Jones, Thule, Rip Curl and Norrona.

The component to check is a clamp ring. If it moves when grasped between thumb and forefinger, the equipment will need sending back to Mammut for replacement. The fault is due to incorrect assembly on the production line.

Mammut said it is not aware of any fatal accidents linked to this assembly fault. “To rule out any risk for our customers, we have decided to carry out a precautionary inspection. The assembly fault was discovered during a routine quality and warehouse check.”

Full details of how to check the equipment is on the Mammut website.