The sheepdog is rescued from the crag. Photo: UWFRA

The sheepdog is rescued from the crag. Photo: UWFRA

A sheepdog was rescued after getting stuck on a Yorkshire Dales crag.

A local farmer requested the help of the Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association when Swift became cragfast on Kilnsey Crag.

The team responded about 4.30pm on Thursday.

A team spokesperson said: “A small team went up to the crag and a team member abseiled down to Swift who was carefully placed in an animal bag and hauled to the top of the crag.

“Swift was happily reunited with a grateful ‘mum’.

Kilnsey Crag is a large limestone cliff with a large overhang, and has more than 250 named rock-climbing routes, both sport climbing and traditional.

  • The story originally referred to the dog as Twist, rather than its actual name, Swift. The rescue team said it misheard the name of the dog. We’re happy to correct this.

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