Nicki Lygo and Stu Westfield during their successful completion of the boundary trail

Nicki Lygo and Stu Westfield during their successful completion of the boundary trail. Photo: Mark Haywood

A Mountain Leader is claiming a new record for the fastest circuit of a route tracing the boundary of the Peak District.

Stu Westfield completed the 305 km (190-mile) Peak District Boundary Trail in just over 105 hours, with his companion Dr Nicki Lygo finishing the route 3½ hours later.

The pair used the challenge to raise cash for a charity that researches a fatal muscle-wasting disease.

Westfield and hospital medic Lygo began their run at Hayfield in the early hours of 22 May.

Stu Westfield said: “We journeyed together for all but the last half day, but varying attrition factors meant we each had to adopt a personal strategy to ensure we finished the route.

“I completed in 105hrs 7mins, a sporting fastest known time on this new trail for future runners. Nicki completed just a couple of hours later in 108hrs and 35mis, a superb achievement.”

The route, which normally starts at Buxton, includes trails in Derbyshire, Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire and West Yorkshire and entails 9,012m (29,567ft) of ascent.

Westfield said: “With hallucinations, ataxia and deteriorating foot pain on the final day, I left everything I had out there on the trail. We both still managed to put in a crowd-pleasing 50m jog up to finish, to the pleasure of family, friends and supporters.

“But none of this would have been remotely possible without the fabulous support team on the trail with encouragement and food and sleep pit stops. We also had fantastic encouragement from the ultra community with runners meeting us with ice lollies and wine gums.”

The pair are raising money for Mission For Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy to fund further research into finding a lasting cure to the devastating muscle-wasting disease which is 100 per cent fatal to those affected, normally by their mid-20s.

The challenge was part of a broader fundraising campaign by Dr Lygo’s family, prompted after a young friend was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the age of four.

The condition is a genetic, progressive muscle wasting condition that principally affects boys because of the way it is inherited. Those affected usually have to use a wheelchair by the time they are 12 to 14 years old, with loss of upper body movement occurring over subsequent years.

Because it is also a muscle, the heart is eventually affected, leading to death.

Donations can be made via a JustGiving page.

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