Fraser Watt wants to turn festival-goers' unwanted tents into rucksacks

Fraser Watt wants to turn festival-goers' unwanted tents into rucksacks

A Dundee University graduate is hoping his novel recycling idea will reduce the waste of abandoned tents at music festivals.

Fraser Watt is fashioning unwanted tents into rucksacks to give them a new lease of life.

The East Lothian man said he is appalled by the sight of tents abandoned at festivals such as Glastonbury and his experiences as a Scout prompted him to look at re-using the material to turn them into sustainable and durable packs.

Hand-stitching tents that would normally be thrown out after use, the 22 year-old believes he has found a method of recycling that will satisfy festival-goers, munro-baggers and environmentalists alike.

He said: “We live in a society of waste, the impact of which is very visible, whether in the Highlands or after festivals, as people leave their rubbish including tents scattered about.

“I wanted to introduce sustainable design to redundant gear and help prolong its lifespan by giving it a new purpose. In doing so, I hope to turn tattered tents into bags bursting with memories.”

Mr Watt believes his two-day process that transforms an unwanted tent into a unique rucksack could also allow munro-baggers and alpinists, who have spent days or weeks in their tents, the opportunity to keep those memories alive.

His concept could also go some way to solve the recent tent-burning phenomenon at Reading Festival and Glastonbury.

“The burning of festival tents is terrible for our environment and though many of those tents are made from materials that aren’t meant to last, my process could give festival-goers a reason to hang on to them.

“Many festival tents have tales to tell and by recycling them into bags they can continue to remind their owners of good times.”

Mr Watt developed his novel approach to abandoned tents during his final-year at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design. He graduated from the University of Dundee this month with a degree in product design.