The walkers called for help as the light began to fade. Photo: Keswick MRT

The walkers called for help as the light began to fade. Photo: Keswick MRT

Three walkers called for help after getting into difficulties while descending from England’s third-highest mountain.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was alerted at 3.30pm on Monday when the group became disoriented as daylight faded.

The men made an emergency call when they found themselves on steep ground on the western flanks of the Helvellyn range, after straying from the path.

A team spokesperson said: “Unsure of the way off the mountain and before they led themselves into danger they called 999 and asked for mountain rescue help.

“Using PhoneFind the three men were located on Willie Wife Moor below Dollywagon Pike. They were given directions for the safest route down towards the road whilst a small team was sent to assist them in case they had difficulties.

“The team members found the three as they were descending towards the road at Dunmail Raise. Another team vehicle was sent out to take the three very grateful men back to their car at Swirls.

“A reminder to all that daylight hours are limited at this time of year and if you venture on to the fells you should be suitably equipped with at least a torch, a map and compass – and the knowledge to use them.”

The incident lasted 1¼ hours and involved 10 volunteers from the Keswick team.

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