Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority chair Carl Lis. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority chair Carl Lis. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

Bosses in the Yorkshire Dales have pleaded with visitors not to trash the national park.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority said visitors should take a fresh look at guidelines on social distancing and littering.

It also said no-one should bring barbecues into the Dales, which is at risk of wildfires because of dry conditions.

Park rangers have also witnessed some people breaking guidelines.

Authority chairman Carl Lis said: “In the last couple of days we’ve seen some extraordinary images of packed beaches and beauty spots across the country, and some shocking examples of littering and dangerously abandoned barbecues.

“It’s also sad to hear reports from our own teams here in the national park that some are choosing to ignore the social distancing rule, are not taking litter home, and are continuing to bring barbecues into a tinder-dry countryside.

“Of course we want people to enjoy the national park, to use it as a safe place to relax, exercise and recharge the batteries – it’s important for our mental and physical health – but that has to be balanced with a basic respect for the land, for the community, and for each other.”

The authority issued the following guidance:

  • Respect the land – no more rubbish excuses; take all your litter home and don’t bring barbecues of any description into the national park
  • Respect the community – many in the local community are among some of the most vulnerable groups of people. Please keep a safe distance from homes, schools, and farms
  • Respect each other – follow the social distancing guidelines. Be kind and respect one another, whether visitor or local.

There is more information on the Yorkshire Dales authority’s website, including the Countryside Code; first-time visitor information; weekend car park status updates; social distancing and national park rules; short walks from national park car parks and an additional 60 short walk ideas.

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