Team members stretcher the injured woman from the fellside. Photo: Keswick MRT

Team members stretcher the injured woman from the fellside. Photo: Keswick MRT

Rescuers had to negotiate their way through heavy traffic to reach a woman who had injured her ankle while gill scrambling in the Lake District.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was called out at 4.45pm on Saturday when the 29-year-old suffered the injury in Stonycroft Beck near Causey Pike.

The woman was with an organised group nearing the end of the scramble when she turned her ankle after jumping into a pool and hitting the stream bed.

A team spokesperson said: “The instructor managed to get her out of the gill while waiting for the Keswick team to arrive.

“Two vehicles were dispatched and after negotiating heavy traffic through Keswick and Braithwaite managed to get to the casualty, who was on a steep grassy bank. After providing various pain relief and splinting the ankle the woman was placed on a stretcher and hauled up to the main path.

“From here it was a relatively short carry to the road. It was a busy day for [North West Ambulance Service] and after some delay an ambulance arrived and transported her to hospital in Carlisle.”

The 3¼-hour incident involved 16 team volunteers.

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