The rock thrown from the top of Bamford Edge. Photo: Edale MRT

The rock thrown from the top of Bamford Edge. Photo: Edale MRT

Rescuers said the behaviour of a group who threw a large stone off a Peak District crag, hitting a climber below, could have had fatal consequences.

Edale Mountain Rescue Team was called out on Saturday about 2.15pm after a climber was injured on Bamford Edge.

The team said he was reported to be suffering a leg injury below Great Tor.

An Edale MRT spokesperson said: “On arrival he had indeed sustained a leg injury. However, it was how the injury came about that causes concern.

“A boulder had been deliberately thrown off the top of the crag towards the climbers by a group of males. Whether they knew there was anyone underneath is not known as they ran off before they could be apprehended.

“Fortunately the climber was wearing a helmet which took a glancing blow before hitting his leg. Without the helmet or if he had been hit more fully on the head, things could have been a whole lot different and serious.

“The climber’s leg injury was dealt with and he was evacuated down to an ambulance on New Road.

“This type of behaviour is totally irresponsible and could have had potentially fatal consequences. It has been reported to the police Do not throw rocks over the edge of crags and cliffs.”

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