Patterdale MRT members were involved in three rescues today

Patterdale MRT members were involved in three rescues today

A mountain rescue team was in action in three incidents today, two of which involved road accidents.

A Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team member came across an injured cyclist about 3.30pm while driving home over the Kirkstone Pass.

The man had crashed while descending the pass at speed, suffering a serious head injury.

The rescuer requested help from his team colleagues who brought equipment and oxygen to treat the cyclist while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

The team was then alerted to a walker experiencing a possible anaphylactic shock. The woman, from Oxfordshire, was treated by team members and helped from the fell and taken to an ambulance which took her to hospital.

Some team members trying to reach the fellside callout were prevented from reaching the incident when they found their route blocked by a road accident near Glenridding. The Patterdale MRT members gave first aid to a woman from Manchester who was involved in the accident until an ambulance came to take her to hospital.

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