Fairfield, scene of Thursday's rescue. Photo: Graham Horn CC-BY-SA-2.0

Fairfield, scene of Thursday's rescue. Photo: Graham Horn CC-BY-SA-2.0

Two mountain rescue teams were involved in a lengthy mission to help an exhausted walker from a Lakeland fell.

Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team was called out on Thursday afternoon after the man reported he was stranded on the summit of Fairfield and could not continue.

A spokesperson for the Langdale Ambleside team said: “Attempts were made to try and talk him down, but these failed and we had to go and get him.

“Due to the potential for a lengthy stretcher carry, we requested assistance from Kendal MRT. He was actually able to walk with some encouragement and assistance.”

Rescuers had to contend with a thunderstorm as they walked the man off the 873m (2,864ft) fell in an operation that took almost six hours.

A Kendal MRT spokesperson said: “My word it was hot going up.

“The casualty was able to walk slowly down with assistance, which was extremely fortunate as he weighed in at 18 stone [114kg].”

The previous day, the Kendal team was called to a man who had collapsed in the Kentmere Valley.

The man was being treated by ambulance paramedics and the team doctor, who lives locally, when they arrived, along with two local first responders.

A spokesperson said: “It appeared that the casualty was suffering quite severely from heatstroke and he was taken off to hospital.

“The weather is great in the hills at the moment but remember to drink plenty of fluids.”

A Langdale Ambleside MRT spokesperson added: “Make sure you allow enough time to complete your walk and that it is within your capability.

“Be prepared to change your plan if things aren’t going well.”

The Met Office is forecasting temperatures of 13C today on the tops of Lakeland fells, with a strong danger of sunburn as strong easterly winds gusting up to 40mph may make it feel cooler on the mountains.

The Mountain Weather Information Service also warned of the risk of dehydration and sunburn as near-gale-force winds will mask the effects of the sun.

It said Britain could expect almost cloudless conditions over the weekend, with felltop temperatures of up to 15C. The fine weather may be broken on Monday by outbreaks of thunder but the fine spell is expected to continue into next week, with a slight cooling.

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