Simpson's Pot lies close to the Turbary Road track above Kingsdale

Simpson's Pot lies close to the Turbary Road track above Kingsdale

A caver had to be rescued after getting trapped when he followed the wrong underground route.

The 52-year-old was found by members of the Cave Rescue Organisation after a search in Simpson’s Pot in the Yorkshire Dales.

The man was reported missing after embarking on a solo ‘pull-through’ trip in the system above Kingsdale in the western Dales.

A spokesperson for the Clapham-based rescue team said: “CRO teams searched Kingsdale Master Cave to the Great Aven, and also descended the pot.

“The missing caver was found safe and well at the bottom of The Pit, having abseiled down the ‘blind’ shaft some eight hours earlier and pulled the rope down before realising his mistake.

“He was accompanied back out to the surface.”

The rescue was the team’s 58th of the year.

A ‘pull-through’ route involves the caver abseiling down sections then pulling their rope down as they progress to the next part of the route. It relies on the caver making sure they take the correct route with an exit.

The blind-ended Pit has caught out cavers previously as it does not have an exit other than the route taken into it.

Simpson’s Pot joins the Kingsdale Master Cave system for an exit near the road through the valley.

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