Edale Mountain Rescue Team 'sledges' the injured woman from the incident near Hathersage. Photo: Edale MRT

Edale Mountain Rescue Team 'sledges' the injured woman from the incident near Hathersage. Photo: Edale MRT

Injured sledgers have provided more work for mountain rescue teams as wintry weather continues to affect parts of Britain.

Edale Mountain Rescue Team was called to help two people hurt in accidents on sledges at the weekend.

A 29-year-old man suffered a broken vertebra and two fractured ribs in an accident on steep ground on Mam Tor.

The team was called out on Saturday to aid the sledger on the Peak District hill and its paramedics gave the man pain relief before he was immobilised and taken back to the road – ironically by sledging. He was then taken to hospital.

As soon as the team returned to its Hope base, it was again alerted to a sledging casualty on Mam Tor.

Team spokesman Martin Gorman said: “This time a nine-year-old girl had suffered a back injury. Mum and dad had kept her still and as warm as possible and once again careful immobilisation on a spinal board and a – much safer – sledge ride to the road and a waiting ambulance followed.”

Earlier in the day the Edale team was called to a remote farmhouse near Hathersage where a woman had leapt from her vehicle when she lost control on an icy track and injured her back.

Team members wearing crampons sledged the patient to the ambulance a little over half a mile away.

On Sunday, the team was called back to Hathersage for another snow-related job.

Mr Gorman said: “A lady with an ankle injury was unable to get to the main road for a hospital visit. A team Land Rover made short work of getting her down.

“So far this year we haven’t been called to any stranded motorists, probably thanks to the accurate weather forecasting and the exercise of common sense by the public.

“But with more snow forecast for the region this week we’d urge everyone to take extra care whether driving, walking or sledging.”

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