The mountain bikers got lost in the dark on Bleaklow

The mountain bikers got lost in the dark on Bleaklow

Two mountain rescue teams were called out to search for a pair of mountain bikers lost on a Peak District hill.

The bikers called for help in the early hours of Saturday after getting lost in the dark on Bleaklow.

Glossop Mountain Rescue Team was alerted about 10 minutes past midnight and requested help from the neighbouring Woodhead MRT.

A Glossop spokesperson said: “The team formulated a search pattern covering the northern and southern sides of the peak and called on the assistance of Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team to search to the East.

“The casualties were located at Hern Stones by Glossop’s fast party, safe but cold and wet due to the inclement weather.

“They were walked off the hill with their bikes and taken to Glossop’s base were they were warmed up and debriefed before being taken back to their vehicle at Fairholmes.”

The rescue involved 17 Glossop team members along with three Search and Rescue Dogs Association members and animals, and Woodhead MRT.

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