The two runners were cragfast in Mickedore Chimney on Scafell

The two runners were cragfast in Mickedore Chimney on Scafell

A team of mountain rescuers was called out four times over the weekend to help walkers and runners on the Scafell range.

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted first to a walker tackling the Three Peaks Challenge who was struggling with a knee injury coming down from Scafell Pike at 6.45am on Saturday.

He was given pain relief at the site on Brown Tongue and stretchered by team members to Brackenclose in a rescue that lasted almost three hours.

Later that morning, police again alerted the Wasdale team after shouts for help were heard around Scafell Crag.

A team spokesperson said: “Initially it was thought the shouts were coming from the Lord’s Rake area but after a short search two fellrunners were found just under the chockstone in Mickledore Chimney.

“They had been looking for Broad Stand but gone up the chimney by accident. They were helped out using a rope, then they ran down to see their supporters at Brackenclose.”

A dozen volunteer team members were involved in the rescue, which took 4¾ hours.

The Wasdale team then carried out a six-hour night-time rescue of two walkers stuck high on difficult terrain, high above the Wasdale Screes overlooking Wast Water.

Two walkers became trapped high on Wasdale Screes

Two walkers became trapped high on Wasdale Screes

A group of eight rescuers made its way up to the walkers from the lakeside path and roped them up to help them climb the remaining 100m to the Illgill Head ridge.

They were then accompanied down to the valley via Greathall Gill.

The rescue ended at 2.30 on Sunday morning.

At 11.30pm that day, the team was called out to search for three men who got lost on a wet night while coming down from Scafell Pike.

The team used the Sarloc software to pinpoint them via their mobile phone. They were found on the Corridor Route near Greta Gill, given dry clothing and brought to safety at Wasdale Head.

The rescue ended at 5am and involved eight team members.

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