One of the scramblers got stuck on Trfyan's East Face. Photo: Alex Beamer

One of the scramblers got stuck on Trfyan's East Face. Photo: Alex Beamer

Three men were rescued from a scrambling route in Snowdonia by members of a mountain rescue team who happened to be climbing nearby.

One of the trio, from south-east England, got stuck on the East Face of Tryfan today, while tackling a scrambling route up Green Gully.

They rang 999 about 2pm and Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation was alerted.

Chris Lloyd of the team said: “They were reasonably well equipped and had set off to scramble up the gully.

“Unfortunately, one man became cragfast and without a rope could not go up or down. Fortunately, two team members were climbing on the East Face.

“They were diverted to the scene.

They set up ropes and the party were lowered to the safety of the path on Heather Terrace. A problem quickly solved with only hurt pride.”

Soon afterwards the team received another call for help from a walker on the other side of the mountain.

A pair walking on Y Gribin ridge came across a man who had become separated from his companion and was anxious about losing his way. Mr Lloyd said the weather was fine.

The walkers offered to accompany the man down from the hillside but as they reached Cwm Bochlwyd the man collapsed and had a seizure, briefly losing consciousness.

One of the walkers ran ahead to get a mobile phone signal, and by the time he made his way back to the scene, the man had regained consciousness but was still confused.

A dozen Ogwen Valley team members made their way to the site and were joined by another 12 rescuers from the RAF Valley team who were training in the area.

Rescuers also requested help from the RAF Valley search and rescue Sea King helicopter but this was unavailable as it was in Blackpool at the time. An air ambulance was scrambled and managed to land close to the site on the mountainside.

Mr Lloyd said he believed the walker’s companion from whom he had been separated arrived at the scene.

The walker was airlifted to Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor and rescue team members made their way back to their base.

The incident ended about 7pm.

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