Ben Nevis, one of the honeypot peaks

Ben Nevis, one of the honeypot peaks

Three outdoor instructors will lead a Three Peaks Challenge with a difference: to clean up Britain’s national highest mountains.

Dubbed the Real Three Peaks Challenge, the clear-up day aims to collect rubbish from Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike.

The deep clean of the three mountains is the brainchild of Richard Pyne, who was disgusted by the amount of litter and other detritus despoiling the summit of Ben Nevis on a trip when he was led a group up the mountain.

He is backed by the John Muir Trust, which owns most of the summit of Ben Nevis, and by the Snowdonia Society, The British Mountaineering Council and Mountain Training UK.

The challenge, which will take place on Saturday 12 October, will see Mr Pyne lead the Nevis clean-up, with fellow mountain instructors Ross Worthington and Kelvyn James leading groups to pick litter on Snowdon and Scafell Pike respectively.

Mr Pyne said: “I’d led groups on the top of Ben Nevis in winter before, but I was up there with a group this summer and I was appalled at the amount of litter I saw.

“I started filling a bag and ended up carrying down 3kg of rubbish that day.”

He said the main aim is to raise awareness of the work already undertaken by local charities and volunteer groups as well as the number of visitors that can have a positive impact on the littering, especially over the busy summer months with many thousands of charity fund raisers and holidaying walkers.

The peaks have been chosen as the honeypot areas but there will also be other clear up events across many national parks, he said.

“It would be good if others would get involved and help us out to clear as much rubbish as possible.

“We also want to spread the message for everyone else to spread the message that it’s just not acceptable to drop litter or leave rubbish.”

Anyone wanting to help can get in touch by emailing him, Mr Worthington, or Mr James.

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