The man fell 10m while scrambling on Sharp Edge

The man fell 10m while scrambling on Sharp Edge

A man had to be carried below the cloudbase before he was airlifted to hospital after seriously injuring himself in a fall at a north Lakeland blackspot.

The 28-year-old man was scrambling on Sharp Edge on Blencathra on Thursday when he fell 10m (33ft) from the difficult step on the grade-one route.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was called out about 11am after receiving reports the man had suffered a compound fracture of his elbow in the fall.

A team spokesperson said: “The team mobilised promptly, and requested the assistance of both air ambulance and a Sea King, in the hope that the casualty could be airlifted swiftly to hospital.

“Unfortunately, the weather did not support that course of action, as the cloudbase was very low. The air ambulance departed, and the Sea King stood by at Carlisle, until the team was able to evacuate the casualty to a point below the cloud where he could be airlifted.

“He was taken to the Cumberland Infirmary for treatment.”

The four-hour rescue involved 19 volunteer members of the Keswick team. The difficult step involves a step downwards on to a narrow ledge of rock from the ridge, with drops on either side, and is a notorious source of callouts for the team.

  • grough received the following message on Friday: “Thank you for runing the story on the Sharp Edge accident yesterday.

“However I was not carried out. I walked out 2km with the amazing help of Keswick Mountain Rescue.

“My compond fracture was a smashed forearm and dislocated elbow. Thanks to Carlisle orthopedic staff for putting it back together with aroud 13 pins and plates.”

This route needs better write ups as it is so polished, It should not be attempted in anything but sunny and dry conditions.

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