An RAF Sea King flew the injured man to hospital

An RAF Sea King flew the injured man to hospital

A man was airlifted to hospital after breaking his leg in a fall on a Snowdonia scrambling route.

His fellow walkers splinted his leg but called for help when they realised the seriousness of their situation.

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation was called out at 1.45pm on Sunday after the man fell while tackling Bristly Ridge on Glyder Fach.

Chris Lloyd of the rescue team said the weather was sunny, with snow cover from about 600m, though much of it was powder snow. Wind-scoured areas justified the use of crampons, he said.

Mr Lloyd said: “Four men had come up from the West Midlands for a day visit to enjoy the conditions.

“The men were experienced and well equipped. They chose to climb the classic scramble of the Bristly Ridge onto the Glyders with the intention of a traverse and descent into Cwm Idwal.

“Most unfortunately, one of the party broke his leg whilst descending into the Notch on Bristly Ridge. He had lost his balance whilst his foot was wedged between rocks. He toppled over but his leg did not follow.
“He was treated by his colleagues who splinted his lower leg. They immediately realised the seriousness of their situation and made the 999 call just before 2pm.

“With just over two hours of daylight and an injured person high up on a rock scramble in full winter conditions, the duty team leader requested the assistance of the RAF Sea King helicopter.

“As this was being mobilised, team members were gathering at Bryn Poeth – Oggie Base. One team member, who was enjoying a day on the Glyder range, immediately headed towards the incident.

“Four members on the other side of the valley readied themselves for a possible pick up from the summit of Carnedd Llewelyn.

“Fortunately for everyone, with some superb flying and winching, the casualty was rescued directly by the helicopter. He was flown to the local hospital in Bangor.

“His colleagues were accompanied by the team member as they walked down Cwm Tryfan to Bryn Poeth. Here, they enjoyed tea and Christmas cake as they were debriefed about this incident. They were then delivered to their car with directions for the hospital at Bangor.”

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