The walker got lost after setting out from Kinder Reservoir

The walker got lost after setting out from Kinder Reservoir

Rescuers were saved a major search on the Peak District’s highest hill when a lost walker managed to find his own way to safety.

Four mountain rescue teams were alerted late on Sunday when the man called for help after getting disoriented in the dark on the slopes of Kinder Scout.

Glossop Mountain Rescue Team was alerted 10 minutes before midnight on Sunday and, along with the Buxton, Kinder and Edale teams, prepared to put into action a pre-determined plan for searches on Kinder Scout.

The man set off from Kinder Reservoir intending to walk to the Snake Inn to the North-East, but got lost while walking the route.

A Glossop team spokesperson said: “Having tried to get down under his own steam, mountain rescue assistance was requested.

“Shortly after midnight the teams were contacted to advise that he had managed to make his way down to the road and successfully thumb a lift to the Ladybower Inn.

“An Edale team vehicle went to meet him and check his welfare. All resources were recalled and headed home for bed.”

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