The event at the Carlton Lodge climbing wall will help the Nepal appeal

The event at the Carlton Lodge climbing wall will help the Nepal appeal

Instructors at a North Yorkshire outdoor centre are opening up a climbing wall to the public to raise funds for the Nepal earthquake appeal.

Staff at the Carlton Lodge centre near Thirsk are volunteering their time this month to help raise cash for victims of the disaster.

A spokesperson for the North Yorkshire Youth charity that runs the centre said: “Anyone can drop in and have a go on the climbing wall at Carlton Lodge, as long as they donate some money to help with the relief effort in Nepal.

“There is no minimum donation – just whatever you can spare – and certainly no maximum.

So, once the kids have finished school, bring them along for a climb or two and don’t forget you can have a go yourself – it might inspire them to one day visit the Himalaya and have a go at climbing one of the highest mountains on earth, including Everest itself.

“If you can’t come for a climb you can donate at our virgingiving page.”

The climbing wall will be open between 4pm and 7pm on Friday 8 May at Carlton Lodge, which is in the village of Carlton Miniott.

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