The walkers were believed to be in Upper Eskdale but were found at Scafell Pike's summit, right

The walkers were believed to be in Upper Eskdale but were found at Scafell Pike's summit, right

Two walkers who got lost overnight on England’s highest mountain were found after a major search involving five mountain rescue teams.

Search and rescue dogs and a Royal Navy Sea King helicopter also joined the operation to find the pair, who called for help from Scafell Pike last night.

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted about 9pm and its volunteers began the search for the lost walkers.

A team spokesperson said: “Based on the information provided it was believed they were in Upper Eskdale and the team searched through the night in poor conditions of heavy rain and swollen rivers but without success.”

About 7.30am today the Wasdale team called on neighbouring teams to join the operation, with Duddon and Furness, Keswick, Langdale Ambleside team members, plus a swiftwater team from Cockermouth MRT involved in the search.

Members of the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs Association also joined the hunt for the missing walkers, and the Sea King flew from HMS Gannet in Ayrshire to the scene.

The Wasdale MRT spokesperson said: “Late this morning the pair met team members on Scafell Pike summit and after being given some warm clothes were walked down to the cloudbase where Gannet flew them back to Wasdale Head.”

The rescue operation finally ended about 3pm today.

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