Information put the two walkers in the area of Kinder Corner and Ashop Head

Information put the two walkers in the area of Kinder Corner and Ashop Head

Two walkers were rescued from the Peak District’s highest hill after getting lost in the dark.

The man and woman, in their mid-20s, were found unharmed but tired on the slopes of Kinder Scout after walking for 13 hours.

Glossop Mountain Rescue Team was called out about 10.15pm on Wednesday after being alerted by police.

The pair from Chesterfield got lost after straying from the Ashop path under the northern edge of the Kinder Scout summit plateau.

Peter Jozefczyk of the Glossop team said: “With the information the team had from the Police we were able to put them near to Kinder corner and Ashop Head.

“The team deployed three sections, one from the Grouse path, one from Snake summit along the Pennine Way and one up the Ashop path from the A57, with Kinder team on standby.

“It was not long before the Grouse section spotted lights from Mill Hill.

“The two lost walkers were in fine health but a little tired after walking for more than 13 hours from Edale to Torside then Glossop and heading back to Edale via the Ashop path.”

The pair were taken to the Glossop MRT headquarters for a debrief. The rescue ended 15 minutes after midnight.

Mr Peter Jozefczyk said: “This search runs on the back of a number of searches in the last week, all with a positive outcome.”

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