The man was found near the summit of Helevellyn. Photo: Mike Blakey

The man was found near the summit of Helevellyn. Photo: Mike Blakey

A man was rescued after being found ‘frozen but alive’ by a walker after spending the night on England’s third-highest mountain.

Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted about 12.10pm on Wednesday after the discovery near the summit of Helvellyn.

The member of the public found the man in a bivvy bag on the 950m (3,120ft) fell.

A Patterdale MRT spokesperson said: “The team immediately called on the assistance of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency rescue helicopter from Prestwick to assist with the rescue.

“However due to poor weather conditions the helicopter was unable to access the scene but assisted by airlifting team members and equipment up to the outfall of Red Tarn. Team members made their way up Swirral Edge on to the summit plateau using ice axes and crampons.

“The man was assessed by two team doctors and confirmed as being hypothermic, before being transferred on to a stretcher for evacuation down towards Swirls car park.

“Once visibility improved the casualty was winched on board the helicopter and transferred to the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle for further treatment.”

Four members of the Penrith team joined 15 volunteers from Patterdale MRT in the five-hour rescue.

Earlier in the week, Patterdale team members were called out to help a walker who had taken a tumble on the Ullswater shore path near Silver Point.

Patterdale MRT was alerted about 5.20pm on Monday and launched its rescue boat Patrick Scotty to reach the site where the 77-year-old man had fallen and his condition was assessed by the team.

The team spokesperson said: “The man, while shaken was not stirred by the tumble and insisted on making his way down to the waiting boat.”

The 1½-hour rescue involved 12 Patterdale team members.

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