The Caernarfon Coastguard helicopter in Cwm Cau during the rescue. Photo: Aberdyfi SRT

The Caernarfon Coastguard helicopter in Cwm Cau during the rescue. Photo: Aberdyfi SRT

A rescue team used its knowledge of the mobile phone network to correctly find an injured walker after it was given an inaccurate location.

Aberdyfi Search and Rescue Team was alerted about 5.15pm on Wednesday when a group called for help from Cadair Idris.

A 49-year-old woman, part of a family party of four, was initially reported as being at Llyn y Gader to the North of the mountain, but the way in which the distress call was received led the team call-handler to doubt the information.

A team spokesperson said: “In conversation with the casualty party it became apparent that they were in fact on the banks of Llyn Cau to the South.

“A party of team volunteers was dispatched up the mountain, and owing to the difficult nature of the terrain, assistance was requested from the Coastguard helicopter, R936.

“The casualty party was indeed at Llyn Cau, and the woman was uplifted by helicopter for further assessment and treatment at Bronglais hospital. The remaining members of the party were escorted off the hill by team volunteers, and everyone was safely off the mountain by 6.30pm.”

Team member Graham O’Hanlon, who helped in the rescue, said: “We became suspicious about the accuracy of the given location because the distress call was picked up by Dyfed Powys Police rather than North Wales Police, and through experience we know that this only tends to happen with people to the South of the ridge line.

“Local knowledge is a valuable asset.”

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