The break-in happened overnight at the Dundonnell MRT base

The break-in happened overnight at the Dundonnell MRT base

Vital rescue equipment has been stolen in a break-in at a volunteer team’s base.

Dundonnell Mountain Rescue Team said it believes the burglary took place on Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

A team radio, rescue flares and computer were among items stolen from its headquarters in Dundonnell, Wester Ross.

The alarm was raised by an occupant of a neighbouring property. The team said it was saddened by the crime.

Donald MacRae, team leader of Dundonnell MRT said: “Any break-in is disappointing. However, breaking in and stealing rescue equipment is very sad.

“The time-line of this event was narrowed as we were involved in a rescue on Tuesday evening and were in the base then. The following day, our neighbour noticed our roller door was open.”

A team radio was among items stolen

A team radio was among items stolen

Items stolen include an Icom team radio in a yellow pouch and carabiner, a Karrimor Jaguar black and grey rucksack, some red parachute flares and a Dell laptop in computer bag, along with some army rations and bottles of whisky.

A team spokesperson said: “We would like to thank our local neighbour for raising the alarm and for the swift response of the local police officers.

“If anyone is offered or finds any of these items, or saw someone acting suspiciously around our Dundonnell Base over the night of Tuesday-Wednesday then can they please report the matter to Police Scotland by calling 101, stating reference R047933?

“The neighbouring premises, the Joint Services Hut was also broken into at the same time and we are also are aware of similar breaks in the local area.”

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