The rescue party makes its way off the mountain. Photo: Aberdyfi SRT

The rescue party makes its way off the mountain. Photo: Aberdyfi SRT

A man and his daughter were led to safety after getting lost in bad weather on Cadair Idris.

Aberdyfi Search and Rescue Team was alerted shortly after midday on Sunday when the 47-year-old man called for help.

The walker and his 13-year-old daughter from London became disoriented on the Snowdonia peak. The man told the team he believed he was at the 893m (2,930ft) summit of the mountain.

Graham O’Hanlon of the team said: “The description given to call handlers did not fit with the local knowledge of features on the mountain, and it seems they had reached either the saddle or the summit of adjacent peak Cyfrwy instead.

“Having found themselves at the top significant cliffs, they rightly called for assistance.

“Using information from the man’s phone, team leaders were able to pinpoint the casualties’ location. With this information, it was possible to direct a hasty party to the couple’s position and to deploy other team volunteers to back-up the efforts of this initial group.

“The lost walkers were located and, after a quick assessment and some dry clothing, the journey downhill was undertaken.

“Everyone was safely down off the mountain by 4pm.”

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